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College of Hospitality Management


Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management (ASHRM)

The ASHRM graduates applies the basic techniques in performing prescribed range of specific functions in the areas of Food and Beverage, Front Office and Housekeeping Operations as required in accommodation, food and beverages enterprises; undertakes planning and initiation of alternative approaches to skills and knowledge applications across a broad range of technical and procedural requirements.

Entry Level

  1. Commisary
  2. Food and Beverage Attendant
  3. Bar Attendant or Bartender
  4. Housekeeping Attendant
  5. Front Office Agent
  6. Front Desk Clerk

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Major in: Hotel and Restaurant Management

Applies knowledge and skills related to the ideas, principles, concepts, basic research methods and problem solving techniques in the operation of the accommodation, food and beverage enterprises; demonstrates the skills needed to acquire, understand and assess information from a range of sources applicable to improving efficiency in the accommodation, food and beverage operations; possesses knowledge and skills in the application of work-related technology including information, education and communication (IEC); demonstrates leadership, communication and collaborative competence and prepares timely reports related to their area of responsibility.

Supervisory Level

  1. Banquet Supervisor
  2. Front Office Supervisor
  3. Housekeeping Supervisor
  4. Head Waiter
  5. Assistant Cook

Major in : Tourism

The graduates can pursue a career in tourism industry and/or hospitality sector.

Entry Level

  1. Travel account representative
  2. Tour Coordinator
  3. Local Tourism Officer
  4. Airline Flight Attendant
  5. Tour Escort

Supervisory Level

  1. Tourism Information Officer of Local units
  2. Documentation Officer in Travel Agencies
  3. Reservation Officer of travel agencies or tour operators
  4. Ticketing Officer of travel agencies or tour operators
  5. Cashier
  6. Bookkeeping clerk
  7. Tour Coordinator
  8. Tour Guide
  9. Tour Escort
  10. Counter Sales Representatives
  11. Field Sales Representatives
  12. Staff of the Department of Tourism and other tourism-oriented institutions

Advanced Office Positions

  1. Office Manager
  2. Owner of tourism enterprise
  3. Tourism consultant/adviser
  4. Office Manager of government offices related to tourism