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History of LCC

The earnest and noble desire of the late educators, Ricardo and Marcela Bonilla, was realized when Lipa Business Institute was founded in July 1947. Its humble origin began with classes held in rented buildings along B. Morada Avenue, Lipa City. With an enrolment initially consisting of 65 students enrolled in a secondary course, what would later on become the Lipa City Colleges thus began.

As the population grew bigger beginning on School Year 1948-1949, the administrations decided to acquire a bigger building not far from its former site. This paved the way for the complete Secondary Course and Collegiate Courses such as Liberal Arts, Junior Normal Education, Commerce, and One-Year Secretarial Course. Not to rest on his achievements and ever fueled by hard work and dedication, Mr. Bonilla obtained a more spacious location at G. A. Solis St, Lipa City, where the school is now presently housed. Hand-in-hand with a its new edifice and the burning desire to be the first institution in the city to offer the three levels of education - elementary, secondary and tertiary, the name of the school was changed to Lipa City Colleges on its third year of operation at its new site, after which, successes were reaped continuously in the form of increasing population and improving image in the community as a provider of quality education.

The cause to serve the people in the City of Lipa and adjacent towns continued in the succeeding years, prompting the administrators to put up adjacent five-storey and four-storey buildings to house needed facilities and serve as home to its growing work force and clientele. The College of Law opened and a provincial radio station was installed to tap the talent of students with interests in the field of broadcast communication.

In recent years, Lipa City Colleges has entered into a new phase in its history. With Mr. Carlos R. Mojares, son-in-law of the late founder/President, acting as the institution's President and with the able assistance of his wife, Ms. Glecy B. Mojares, daughters Ms. Marjorie M. Abiera and Ms. Beverly M. Mendoza acting as Vice Presidents for Finance and Internal Affairs and External Affairs, respectively, and sons-in-law Mr. Joe Vincent J. Abiera and Mr. Patrick D. Mendoza, acting as Vice Presidents for Administration and Corporate Affairs and General Services, respectively, Lipa City Colleges has become revitalized as it specialized into the following departments- College of Business Education and Accountancy, College of Computer Studies, College of Criminology, College of Education, College of Hospitality Management, College of Nursing, the High School Department, and the Graduate School.

Aiming to further improve the quality of its services saw the institution having the following programs given a Level 1 Accredited Status by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities-Commission on Accreditation, Inc (PACUCOA) - Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and the High School. The accredited status of the institution spawned a different milieu consisting of hardworking faculty members exhibiting dynamism and devotion with most of them having successfully obtained graduate and post-graduate degrees. Continuous improvement of facilities and the acquisition of an additional lot where the Annex Building now stands are further testaments to the school's commitment to be the best in the region. Said building houses Computer and Nursing Skills Laboratories and the adjacent lots contain provisions for athletics. Add to this, the improved instruction, upgraded laboratory equipment and supplies, increased library collections, more varied and responsive student services, strengthened community involvement as well as the furthering of teachers' qualification and excellence via further studies and trainings. What we now have is Lipa City Colleges at its best and still on its way to outdoing itself by continuously living up to its vision of being a premiere provider of higher education.