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High School Department Shines In Regional Confab

Displaying artistry at its best, selected students of the High School Department took center stage as they opened this year’s PDA-Colgate Southern Tagalog Regional Convention held at the Eagle Hall of Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club on February 9, 2008. The well-applauded number did not only boasted of dazzling costumes, graceful moves, and remarkable choreography but also featured a unique quality as it made use of bamboo sticks in synchronized manual taps as the only music source. The attendees to the Conference, consisting of dental practitioners in the region, were all praises for the spectacular treat that they witnessed.

The presentation was not the first time that the High School Department has been acclaimed as they were asked to grace community events. Last month, the same group was invited to do a cultural presentation by no less than the Department of Education when it held an affair dubbed as DepEd Night at the Lipa City Plaza Independencia. Such presentation was similarly well-received by the audience consisting of teachers and students from different public schools within the region.

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