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Tuition Fee Consultation Held, No Tuition Fee Increase for SY 2008-2009 Finalized

Recognizing the significance of hearing the studentsí voice in issues confronting them, the institutionís VPís, Mr. Joe Vincent J. Abiera (Administration), Ms. Marjorie M. Abiera (Finance), and Dr. Diosdada C. Boiser (Academics), together with the Academic Council, met with student leaders (Central Student Government) and representatives for this yearís Tuition Fee Consultation held at the schoolís Conference Room on February 13, 2008.

Knowing the economic hurdles that parents and students face as they get access to quality education, the administration informed the student representatives that the school shall not impose a tuition fee increase for School Year 2008-2009. In return, students were urged to take better care of the facilities and conserve on energy use so that the school may be able to cut on its maintenance costs. They were also requested to improve on their studies and be exemplary students inside and outside of the campus so that the school could maintain and improve on its positive image in the community. To these, the students pledged their commitment in helping create a better institution.

To close, Dr. Boiser also informed the body about the revised Mission and Vision of the institution and asked their help in having these disseminated to the entire community.

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