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Guidance Department Carries Out Career Orientation Series

With an aim to further ensure and guarantee employability among its graduates, LCC’s Guidance Department held the Career Orientation Series for SY 2007-2008 (February 4-12). The aforementioned activity is a three-part series with the theme, “Preparing Students to become 21st Century Professionals.” The said endeavor was participated by the graduating students of the different colleges.

The first part of the undertaking had to do with personality development and preparation for a job interview. The first topic was discussed by Ms. Arlene Abiera, a consultant of John Robert Powers International while Mr. Ronald De Guzman, HR Director of the institution, got into details about job interview.

Ms. Ruciel D. Casanova, an instructor from the CBEA department, was the resource speaker for the second phase of the series. She explained the “DOs and DON’Ts” of drafting a resume’. Phase three of the activity was designated for the mock interview which was conducted by selected faculty members of the school. The interviewers gave the students tips and guidelines in answering questions.

The series ended successfully through the combined efforts of the staff of the Guidance Department.

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