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‘DynEd offering makes LCC ahead’ – DynEd Phil

Ms. Rose Ann Rodriguez, Academic Coordinator of DynEd Philippines said that LCC is ahead to other institutions because it’s now offering DynEd sessions during her visit Jan. 6.

Ms. Liezl Barredo of the English Department who attended the seminar for Dynamic Education said that among the schools in the province of Batangas, LCC is one of the three lucky institutions conducting the Dynamic Education (DynEd) course which started only this second semester of the academic year 2005-2006.

As it was in the previous years, the institution thru CBEA and CoC, made it to boast its board passers both in the CPA and Criminology board exam. Minviluz Pasajol made it to the 8th place during the 1997 CPA board exam. Moreover, the Criminology department had made its way to rank third countrywide last year.

At present, there are eleven classes having their sessions, scheduled within an hour to three hours, any day from Monday to Saturday.

“With the influx of technology and demand for graduates with good communication skills, this would play a big part in the development of LCCians to be competent leaders amidst hardships on employment.” Ended Ms. Barredo.

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