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Research Forum Held - October 21-22, 2008 Audio Visual Room

Day 1 – Presentation and Defense of Research Outputs

At exactly 2:00 in the afternoon, the program commenced with an opening remarks rendered by Dr. Carmelita Bandelaria, Research Director. She recognized the interests and efforts of the faculty members in writing comprehensive researches.

Afterwards, Dr. Diosdada C. Boiser, Vice President for Academic Affairs delivered an inspirational message where she reiterated the importance of researches for the development of the institution. She remarked that research writing helps the teachers determine the students’ needs as it gears towards improvement of the curriculum and instructions.

Dr. Diosdada Boiser and the department heads Dr. Linda Platero (EDUC), Mr. Alexander Muria (Criminology), Dr. Dulce Libuit (Nursing), Dr. Dante O. Lubis (HM), Mr. Joven Aquino (HM), Mr. Nilo Burgos (CBEA) and Ms. Rosalinda Mercado (High School) acted as the members of the panel.

Dr. Kristine June Capili and Ms. Leny Robles from the Nursing department presented their research output entitled Correlation of Health Condition and Practices and Academic Performances of High School Stdents of Lipa City Colleges, SY 2006-2007. The research revealed that there is a relationship between the students’ health condition and their performance in the classroom. The researches also cited the most common illnesses suffered by the high school students.

On the other hand, Mr. Nilo Burgos and Mr. Dennis Yapbuan of CBEA presented their thesis Enhancing the Achievement Level in Relation to the CPA Board Examination and It’s Implication to Instruction. The panel agreed on the study’s significance in terms of determining the proper instructional strategies that would prepare Accountancy students to the CPA Board.

Moreover, the goal of reaping more board passers in the Criminology Board Exam was reflected through the thesis Determinants in Enhancing the Performance in the Criminology Licensure Examination authored by Mr. Elmer Linga and Mr. Philip Magtaan of the Criminology Department. The researchers defended that there is a need to continuously enhance the quality of Criminology instruction so that it would become the center of development in he region.

Furthermore, Mr. Jeremias Tandug and Mr. Lino Balantac from the Education department discussed about their research Multiple Intelligences and Their Relation to Classroom Performance of Freshmen College Students and the Teaching Style of Teachers of Lipa City Colleges: It’s Implication to Faculty Development SY 2007-2008. This revealed the importance of recognizing distinct intelligences of students so that the teachers can devise strategies and techniques suited to their needs. The researchers added that multiple intelligence is related to teaching styles, teachers should be given a list of the competencies corresponding to each kind of intelligence.

The members of the panel approved the four mentioned research works as they recognize their significance in providing the students with quality education. However, they have also requested major revisions for two of the research outputs.

The panel suggested Mr. Ariel Abel and Ms. Jubelyn Batoto to review the variables in their study Motivation as a Factor Affecting Performance in MAPEH of the High School Students of the Lipa City Colleges, School Year 2007-2008. They were also asked to reconstruct the research’s conceptual paradigm as quality of teaching and facilities should be added as variables.

On the oher hand, Ms. Azenith Lupig and Ms. Ma Theresa Bandelaria’s study entitled Clinical Competencies of LCC Nurses in Selected Hospitals in the City of Lipa: Basis for Curriculum Enhancement failed to present sets of standards for determining level of competency. The researchers were also asked to realign conceptual framework and revise statement of the problem.

The presentations ended at exactly 7:00 in the evening.

Day 2 – Presentation of Research Proposals

The second day of the research forum opened at exactly 8:30 in the morning with a prayer and singing of the national anthem led by Dr. Erlinda Garcia and Mrs. Edith Pagcaliwangan respectively.

Presentation of research proposals followed immediately.

Mr. Ponciano Malabanan and Ms. Anna Lissa Foronda explained about their study Teaching Practices and Classroom Climate Preferences of LCC Nursing Students: An Assessment Sy 2008-2009. The panel commented that the writers should revise statement of the problem and provide clearer indicators. Modification of the conceptual framework was suggested.

During the forum, Dr. Erlinda Garcia shared about the importance of classroom climate as a motivational factor for the students. Mr. Jeremias Tandug ,on the other hand, suggested that the demographic profile be removed from the research paradigm.

Mr. Pedro Marcelo Capunpon and Mrs. Lorenza Burgos proposed another thesis titled Functionality of BSBA Major in Economic and Operational Management Course. According to the panel, the variables were weakly represented in the conceptual framework. They suggested revision of the statement of the problem. Inclusion of high level questions was recommended. The research paradigm should also be restructured.

After the proposals, Dr. Dante O. Lubis, Practicum Coordinator was called for the closing remarks.

The event which was hosted by Ms. Malen Semira ended at exactly 11:30 in the morning.

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