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Admin, Heads and Faculty Members Convene for SY 2007-2008

With its aim to start the school year high-spirited and full of energy, Lipa City Colleges held its annual general assembly at the Audio-Visual Room (June 8). The members of the administration, academic council and faculty convened to discuss important matters for the forthcoming opening of school year 2007-2008.

The assembly started at 1:00 pm with a prayer led by Mrs. Jane Mendoza, a faculty member of the College of Education. It was then followed by the presentation of the activities and plans of each department conducted by the different respective heads. Mr. Joe Vincent Abiera, VP for Corporate and Administrative Affairs, introduced the new members of the faculty roster after the presentation. He further discussed topics about faculty development, ranking and evaluation. On the other hand; Mrs. Marjorie Abiera, VP for Finance, talked about benefits and other policies relative to financial matters. A forum spearheaded by Dr. Diosdada Boiser, VP for Academic Affairs, was then held wherein several faculty members asked different questions pertinent for the improvement of the institution. Those questions were readily answered by the members of the administration. Having no more matters that need further dialogue, the assembly ended at 3:00 pm.

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