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Family Day: One for Fun, Together we can!

In adherence to the celebration of Guidance Awareness Month, last October 27, 2010 Wednesday at the LCC Gymnasium, the Guidance Department in cooperation with the High School Department facilitated the “Family Day” with the theme “One for Fun, Together we can!”

The event started at 7:10a.m, with the registration by all participants including parents and students according to their corresponding team color. Every participant received a bic pen with a surprise prizes inside. After registration, the invocation followed by the Philippine National Anthem was rendered.

Ms. Rosalinda B. Mercado, the high school Principal welcomed all the guests and participants. She also acknowledged the presence of all PTCA officers and awarded them all with a certificate of recognition. After the recognition of PTCA officers, the PTCA President Mr. Ronald Gonzales wholeheartedly shared his inspirational message.

Fun games were facilitated by two faculty members from high school Department in the person of Ms. Edith Pagcaliwangan and Mr. Russel Castillo. The first game was Hep hep Hurray with a twist, fifteen (15) participants were asked to join on the said game. After the first game, electronic raffle was initiated, twelve (12) gifts that were sponsored by Mr. Teofilo Magana Jr., the Director for Student Affairs were given. During the said raffle the Guidance Staff together with the high school faculty distributed the snacks for all the participants.

While having snacks, one of the high school participants in the name of Corazon Katigbak together with her mother Mrs. Fidela Katigbak, one of the school nurse as well, rendered their very lively and energetic dance and song number.Another intermission number was presented by one of the event sponsor JOLLIBEE. The Jollibee mascot dance with all grace throughout his intermission number. All participants and guest found fun and excitement upon seeing the mascot dancing the latest hit song of “Baby”.

After presenting several intermission numbers another set of games were facilitated. The second game was “Stitch” were five (5) groups were formed with four (4) members each group. After the second game, raffle was done. Then the third game relay was followed with five (5) groups and six (6) members per group.

The event wouldn’t be complete without the dance presentation of High School STEPS. This is the official dance troop of the institution and pride of the High School Department.

More and more gifts were given through electronic raffle. Major prizes includes cellular phones, microwave oven, air bed and desk fan other prizes includes house ware, umbrellas and wall clock. All said prizes were from different participating company sponsors of Lipa City Colleges.

After every raffle, more games and more surprise intermission numbers were aided into the event. The preceding games was “Catch Me I’m Fallen with ten (pairs) of father and child and the last game of “Family moo” were every pair of participants were marked blind folded and have to produce sounds so they could identify their partner. Games were more of family participation and team work.

With all the games and activities, awarding was conducted, winning teams received special prizes while the rest of the participants received their certificate of participation with corresponding souvenir pins.

The last part was the closing remark that was delivered by the PTCA Vice President Ms. Vilma Leynes.

Overall, the Family Day was a success. It is hoped that after the said event family bond was even strengthened and distinct family values was even enriched.

With this…we, the Guidance and LCC Family believed that we brought out the best for the family.

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